June 25, 2015

Wellness Code web site posted and Wellness Code Facilitator Training manual completed. The launch of a new approach to wellness training.

July 20, 2015

A group of professionals will spend a week in a seminar facilitated by Dr. Christopher Lemmon to evaluate the Wellness Code Facilitator Training and to contribute their expertise in the preparation of the Student Wellness Code Training Manual. This event presented by Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc.

Augest 20, 2015

Wellness points to ponder:
In actual experiments, scientists fed a group of mice poor quality low fiber food and they got obese. Another group of mice was fed good quality high fiber food and they appeared lean and healthy. Part of the second healthy group were given the stomach microbiome (gut bacteria) from the overweight group. Even though the second test group continued to be feed the same quality high fiber food they became obese.

The microbiome in the stomach of an obese person is different than a lean person. If you start out in life eating poor quality low fiber food you establish an obese state that may not be quickly changed by a switch to good quality high fiber food. I have not seen any research yet on how long you may expect to be on an improved diet before you see consistent results. From my experience in working with human potential I would bet you are looking at two years of disciplined eating to secure a change in your stomach microbiome.
—Dr. Chriss Lemmon

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